Workers CompensationDoes Workers Comp Cover Ambulance Fees?

Injured workers sometimes need to be transported by air ambulance helicopter due toiStock_000002990407_Large their injuries. The transport may be from the scene of an injury to a hospital or from one hospital to another. In recent years, the number of fee disputes in workers comp cases over the amount of reimbursement owed for these transports has exploded.

Air ambulance fee disputes comprise the single largest category of active medical fee disputes by a wide margin. As of January 2015, there were 575 active air ambulance fee disputes versus 292 “professional” fee disputes, the second largest category.

In many cases, the disputed amount is the difference between the air ambulance providers’ billed charges and 125 percent of the Medicare rate. The average disputed amount for the disputes currently at the division is around $28,000.

The average disputed amount will continue to increase as air ambulance providers rapidly increase their charges.

If you need help understanding the Texas workers compensation laws in regard to air ambulance fees, an experienced workers comp attorney can help. Texas workers compensation law is complicated, and the claim process goes far beyond filling out a form following a workplace accident. Some employers have workers compensation coverage, while others choose not to subscribe to workers comp.

Our Austin workers compensation attorney represents clients in a variety of industries. Compensation is also available in the event that you were injured by a third party while at work.

Contact our Austin workers comp attorney online if you are a worker who was injured on the job. The initial consultation is free, you owe attorney fees unless we secure compensation for you.

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