Bicycle AccidentsWhat are the Different Types of Bicycle Accidents in Austin?

Cycling in an increasingly popular method of transportation in Austin, especially for University of Texas students. Depending on where you are cycling in the city, you may have an increased risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Some areas of Austin do not have bike lanes that protect you from traffic. In addition, Austin drivers may violate safety rules that were designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

Data published by Austin-Travis County Medical Services last year shows that bicycle accidents have decreased by one-third in the past five years. However, this does not mean bicycle accidents have stopped occurring. There are still common types of bicycle accidents that continue to harm cyclists.

The most common type of bicycle accident, called the right hook, is where a vehicle passing on your left turns right in front of you and forces a collision. Another common type of bicycle accident is called the left hook. As the name implies, this is where a vehicle on the other side of the road collides with you after turning left. Dooring accidents are another risk you could face while cycling around Austin. In these cases, a passenger or driver’s side door opens in front of you while you are passing by. Vehicles exiting side-streets or driveways in neighborhoods may also cause accidents.

There are several roads in Austin where you are more likely to be hit by a vehicle. Areas of Lamar Boulevard, Riverside Drive, and Guadalupe Street are notorious hotspots for bicycle accidents.

It goes without saying that you have very little protection if you are involved in a collision with a vehicle. Austin drivers must practice extreme caution to reduce the chances of causing bicycle accidents. Inattentive driving, texting behind the wheel, unsafe maneuvers and drinking are a source of bicycle accidents in Austin and throughout the US.

Should I Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

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