A KVUE Defenders investigation reports that the worst DWI offender in Travis County wasPhoto of a crashed vehicle able to bond out and now the dangerous driver is missing.

In June, Austin police arrested Francisco Perez-Altamirano for his ninth DWI. Since 2001, he has had eight prior DWI convictions. In two of the incidents, he crashed into other motorists.

How Did a Nine-time DWI Offender Bond Out in Travis County?

After his June arrest, Francisco’s attorney requested a personal recognizance bond to get him out of jail. Travis County Pretrial Services (TCPS) put together an investigative report for the judge to review before signing off on the bond. The county recommended that he be denied bond.

However, the judge still signed off on it. After that, all Francisco had to do was pay an administrative fee, and he was a free man.

In an interview with KVUE, one of the victims that Francisco crashed into said, “It doesn’t make any sense that somebody could be charged this many times and be let out again.”

The municipal court judge who approved the bond said in an interview that she was not given all of the information on Francisco’s prior convictions.

Unfortunately, the Travis County judicial system might have dropped the ball on handling this case. Since Francisco bonded out, he has not been found.

We can only hope the authorities will find him before he gets behind the wheel drunk again.

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Source: http://www.kvue.com/story/news/investigations/defenders/2014/10/30/travis-cos-worst-dwi-offender-bonds-out-now-missing/18186067/

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