Motor Vehicle AccidentsDid a Car Accident Cause Your PTSD?

Car Accident Cause Your PTSDMore than 30,000 people in the US are killed in car accidents each year. Another 2,000,000 per year suffer injuries. It is widely known that car accidents cause physical injuries. Broken bones, burns, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are possible outcomes after a severe accident. However, car accidents can also cause severe psychological trauma. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates than 9 percent of the general population develops post-traumatic stress disorder from car accidents.

PTSD is often associated with psychological trauma experienced by soldiers fighting overseas in warzones. This debilitating disorder can occur after witnessing or experiencing many other types of trauma. Much like a serious physical injury, PTSD can severely reduce the quality of life for accident survivors and their families. PTSD symptoms could include flashbacks, anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia. Individuals with this disorder may withdraw from family, friends and work colleagues. Personality changes caused by PTSD could tear apart families. There is also an increased risk of suicide and substance abuse.

What does this mean for car crash survivors? PTSD can make it very difficult to meet career, family and social obligations. Survivors may be unable to work. For instance, they may be unable to keep their jobs or find new ones. Since PTSD is treatable, there are also medical costs to consider. Many individuals with this disorder also require therapy and medication.

Can I Get Compensation for PTSD from a Car Accident?

Whether it is a work accident or car accident, a personal injury lawsuit may factor psychological trauma into the amount of damages. Therefore, compensation from a lawsuit could help pay for lost income, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses (including therapy and medication), and pain and suffering.

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