Car AccidentsProduct LiabilityHow Do I Check the Recall Status of My Vehicle?

More than 60 million vehicles in the US are under recall for safety defects. Statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 37 million of these recalls are for defective Takata airbags. These airbags can explode with deadly force, even during minor collisions. If your vehicle has an unfixed recall, then it is necessary to seek repairs. Newer vehicles may be repaired with software updates from the comfort of your garage. However, it may also be necessary to visit your local dealership for repairs.

NHTSA has a tool on its website that allows you to check the recall status of your vehicle or vehicles. You will first need to pull the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) for the vehicle in question. The VIN for a vehicle is typically found on your insurance policy card. If you cannot locate it on the card, try looking near the driver’s side dashboard.

Visit once you have located the VIN. The website has a search toolbar that allows you to input the number. If you have an unfixed recall that was announced within the last 15 years, it should display on the website’s search results. Recently announced recalls may not be displayed.

How Do You Receive Repairs for a Recalled Vehicle?

If you have an older vehicle, or the defect in question has to be repaired in-person, then you may need to make a trip to your local dealership. For instance, you would take a Honda Civic to a Honda dealership. Manufacturers are required by law to fix recalled vehicles for free.

Be aware that it could take time for the dealership to fix your vehicle. You may want to inquire about securing a rental vehicle while the repairs are being performed. The dealership may also lack the parts to perform repairs, so you should call ahead of time.

Some safety defects make your vehicle too dangerous to drive. Certain vehicles have Takata airbags that are at greater risk of exploding. These are cases where you may want to see if your vehicle can be towed to the dealership for repairs.

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