Car AccidentsCan Austin Do More to Prevent Drunk Driving Crashes?

Several recent drunk driving accidents show why impaired drivers are one of the largest public safety threats in Austin. Each year, multiple people in our city are killed or injured by drivers who chose to get behind the wheel after drinking.

In early February, a 21-year-old woman ran over an Austin man who was riding a moped. The man died after being dragged underneath the woman’s car. In another incident last November, three people were killed in a head-on collision involving a drunk driver. A little girl who lost her entire family in the wreck was the only survivor.

What Measures are in Place to Prevent Austin Drunk Driving Crashes?

Austin Police Department (APD) uses No Refusal days to deter drunk drivers. During No Refusal days, APD increases its patrols and has quick access to judges who will sign warrants for blood draws. However, local press outlets suggest the popular program is not working.

KXAN’s recent investigation found that DWI accidents may be more likely to occur on No Refusal days. According to the data KXAN analyzed, there was a 42 percent average increase in DWI accidents on No Refusal days during 2017. KXAN compared DWI accidents on No Refusal days with regular days to conduct its investigation. However, no refusal days are generally instituted on weekends where there are big events or holidays with lots of drinking.

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office is also taking steps to prevent drunk driving accidents. A total of 27 people died in drunk driving accidents on Austin roads during 2017. Travis County prosecutors have had enough and are looking to increase the penalties for those who cause fatal DWI crashes. Many DWI offenders who are charged with felonies after fatal wrecks are now being given longer prison sentences

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