Premises LiabilityCommon Causes of Injuries and Deaths at Concerts

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the most popular concert events in the US. However, it is also an event that has a tragic history. During SXSW in 2014, a motorist on the run from police officers overran a barricade and collided with multiple concertgoers. Four people died and 20 were injured.

The 2014 SXSW tragedy is one of many concert accidents that have occurred over the years. In late 2016, the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland, California caught on fire during a concert. Thirty-six people lost their lives. The Station Nightclub fire in 2003 remains one of the deadliest concert tragedies in US history. In 2003, 100 people died and another 230 suffered injuries after a pyrotechnic display lit the nightclub on fire.

There are multiple reasons why injuries and deaths occur at concerts. Common causes may include but are not limited to:

  • Slips and falls (including down stairwells)
  • Pyrotechnic accidents or fires
  • Stage and seat collapses
  • Being hit by projectiles or stage divers
  • Acts of mass violence

In some cases, injuries and deaths at concerts are caused by acts of negligence. For instance, it was later determined The Station Nightclub fire would not have spread as quickly if the building had not used flammable polyurethane soundproof foam insulation. Other factors contributed to the deaths and injuries that night.

Poor lighting in stairwells, fire hazards and inadequate security are possible concert hazards. Some buildings, such as the Ghost Ship, may be structurally unsafe. All of these factors could also contribute to deaths and injuries at a concert.

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