Personal InjuryBabysitter in Austin injures child by throwing hot water

Toddlers are not old enough to distinguish between what is right or wrong. While dealing with small children, day care providers and babysitters must remember this and must not lose their temper, as it can result in harming the child. If a child injury occurs in such a situation, then the person at fault must be held responsible.

A 3-year-old Austin child has suffered serious injuries after his babysitter threw hot water on his face. As per the arrest affidavit, the 24-year-old woman poured scalding water on the boy because he had urinated on the floor. The boy has suffered second- and third-degree burns, and will be treated for pain along with dehydration and scarring. An emergency room doctor stated that water heaters used in houses like this can reach 120 degrees.

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