Personal InjuryAustin neighbors report no injuries in 18-wheeler crash

A car accident with an 18-wheeler can be deadly. Miraculously, however, no injuries were reported in a recent 18-wheeler accident involving two vehicles.

An 18-wheeler jackknifed on a rainy afternoon and caused an accident along the interstate. According to the driver, his brakes locked up on the wet roads. The Texas Department of Transportation closed that section of the interstate while crews cleaned up from the accident. Of significant importance in the cleanup was diesel fuel that was spilled from the 18-wheeler. A special crew had to come to the scene to deal with the hazardous material. The Texas DOT warned motorists to slow down during the rain and to refrain from using cruise control. Two other vehicles were involved in the accident but there is no word on how they were impacted. For now, no injuries were reported.

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