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An injured customer of the Recess Arcade Bar in Austin, Texas is filing a lawsuit after he had received injuries from the bar’s bouncer. The plaintiff claims that the employee launched an unprovoked attack on him, which led to 55 stitches and an eye injury.
The last three months has seen nine reported assaults by bouncers in Austin. Cases are pending on at least two of them.
A similar incident happened in Austin at the Kung Fu Saloon in November. A man received a brain injury from a bouncer, which required emergency surgery. Police say that the attack seems to have been unprovoked. This case is still pending.

In the last three months, Austin police have investigated nine reported assaults by bouncers. Clearly, a problem with bar security personnel needs to be addressed.

Why Do Bouncers Injure People?

Austin’s ABC-affiliated news station KVUE reports that bouncers are not regulated under Texas laws. However, security personnel must receive special training and permits, but most bars go around this law by using unlicensed employees to watch the front door. Glenn Jones, who works for the Texas Certified Academy, believes that hiring untrained security personnel will lead to further injuries.

Despite the lack of regulations, bouncers and other security employees at bars are not above the law. A bouncer cannot chokehold an obnoxious drunk and throw them out on the street. In fact, their authority is not much different from a server at a restaurant. In short, the unlicensed bouncer can ask someone to leave and then call the police if that person refuses to do so. Physical removal is not an option for the bouncer.

However, a bouncer does have the right to self-defense and can detain someone if a crime is being committed.

Check back with us next week, as we will discuss what legal options you may have if a bouncer has injured you.

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