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Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Local Bike Wrecks

Have you ever wondered where the most traffic accidents involving bicycles happen in Austin? The creators of a city-mapping project at MIT have an answer for you. You Are Here is a project created by a group of artists, mathematicians, designers and scientists that collects urban data on American cities, including data on which streets are the most treacherous for cyclists. Taking statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation between 2009 and 2014, You Are Here has mapped out all 1,430 reported bike wrecks in Austin during that time.

So, which streets see the most wrecks? It would come as no surprise to anyone who regularly cycles in the city that Guadalupe would be the top offender with 84 wrecks. Guadalupe Street is a main thoroughfare that runs through downtown and right by the University of Texas. It is a crowded street for both cars and cyclists. Coming in second is South Congress with 72 wrecks. I-35, North Lamar, South First Street, Riverside and Duval all take top spots as well.

The map provides great information for cyclists hoping to avoid dangerous routes and provides data to city planners who could utilize it to create safer bike lanes in needed areas.

You Are Here hopes to create data for at least 100 cities, providing information on bicycle wrecks as well as other, lighter fare, such as mapping out locations where people first said “I love you” to their significant other.

If You Were Hurt in a Bike Wreck, an Austin Bike Accident Attorney May Be Able to Help

Bicycle accidents are scary and traumatic events that can leave a person with broken bones, head injuries and more. If you were involved in a bike accident that was caused by negligence on the part of the city or the part of a driver, an Austin bike accident attorney could be able to help you pursue damages for the medical bills, pain and suffering you have had to endure.

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