Workplace InjuryHow Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Calculated?

workers' compHow are workers’ comp benefits calculated, and how much are injured workers entitled to?

Your income benefits are calculated based on your average weekly wage (AWW). To figure out your average weekly wage, you add your earnings for the 13 weeks prior to the injury, including things like overtime, other special pay and any non-pecuniary wages (wages that aren’t in the form of money, like health insurance premiums, vehicle, clothing, etc.) your employer does not continue after the injury. Divide that number by 13 and you have your AWW. If you were not working for the employer for 13 weeks prior to your injury, you can calculate AWW by using the earnings of an employee with the same or a similar job.

If you have more than one job and your work injury occurred while working for an employer with workers’ comp insurance, and the injury prevents you from doing your other job, you can report any wages to the insurance provider that are reportable for federal income tax purposes for consideration of lost wages.

Using these numbers, you can calculate your workers’ comp benefits, depending on which of the four types of benefits you are seeking.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured at Work?

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