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March 3, 2020by Aaron Allison

What should I do if I have suffered a construction injury on the job? Austin construction accident attorney Aaron Allison explains. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

Most of the time I’m contacted while the injured person is in the hospital. I’m either contacted by a family member or the injured person themselves. Many many times in my practice, I’ve gone to hospitals and sat down and met with the family and met with the injured person to begin to obtain the initial facts of the case, to do the analysis of the case and to be hired by the injured person and their families to represent them. That happens a lot. A lot of time, it’s been a month or two since the day of the injury and the injured person has gotten to a point in their recovery where they can think about something other than their injury and they’re starting to think about how am I going to pay the medical, how am I going to pay my lost wages, how am I going to support my family, and what are my options for how I am going to recover for my injury that I have sustained? A lot of times in const4ruction accidents, you have someone who is injured to the point where they will never be able to work again in their trade, and they are thinking how am I going to put myself and my family through the rest of my life now that I can’t do this kind of work? How am I going to train myself to do something else where I can be a productive member of society and make an income where I can support myself and my family? How do I do that? That’s also the job of an attorney. It’s not just to go get money. The job of the attorney is to counsel these clients and help these clients solve problems to the best of his or her abilities. For more information, go to

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