The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released data on motorcycle helmet use in 2013. Motorcycle helmet use remained the same in 2013 from the previous year, at 60 percent.

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The NHTSA differentiates between two kinds of helmets: DOT-compliant helmets and noncompliant helmets. DOT-compliant helmets meet the safety requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

DOT-compliant helmet use is more common than noncompliant helmets:

  • In 2013, seven percent of motorcyclists wore noncompliant helmets
  • In 2012, 60 percent of motorcyclists wore DOT-compliant helmets

The NHTSA noted many other trends in the data on motorcycle helmet use:

  • 92 percent of motorcycle riders in the western states wore helmets (this is a 10 percent increase from 2012)
  • States that require a rider to wear a motorcycle helmet saw the highest use compared to other states.
  • Between 1996 and 2013, the range in helmet use has gone from as high as 71 percent in 2000 to a low of 48 percent in 2005
  • 33 percent of motorcyclists did not wear a helmet
  • States requiring helmet use averaged 88 percent of riders using a helmet; states that do not require helmet use averaged at 49 percent
  • Only 20 states have laws requiring a motorcyclist to wear a helmet. Texas does not require helmet use
  • 65 percent of motorcyclists in the south wear a helmet
  • Interestingly, 71 percent of motorcyclists wear a helmet when there is light fog, but only 62 percent wear a helmet when there is precipitation

I Was Injured in a Motorcycle Accident Without a Helmet. What Can I Do?

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident without a helmet on, insurance companies may try to blame you for your injuries. However, Texas does not mandate the use of a helmet on a motorcycle. Do not allow insurance companies to excuse a reckless motorist for injuring you just because you were not wearing a helmet. Click here for more information.

Did You Know? According to the NHTSA, 46 percent of passengers on motorcycles wear a helmet in the United States.

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