Construction AccidentsVideo LibraryWorkplace InjuryWhat Kind of Injuries Do You See in Construction Accident Cases?

What types of injuries happen often in construction accident cases? Austin personal injury attorney Aaron Allison explains. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

The scope of injuries that you would typically see in a construction accident is fractures, fractures with surgical intervention, torn tissue, blown knees, blown shoulders, blown hips, spinal injuries and brain damage injuries, amputation injuries, death injuries. When you’re working on a commercial site using heavy equipment with multiple workers all doing different tasks at the same time and using that kind of equipment, usually working at height levels or working in dangerous conditions, you tend to see a higher level of injury to an individual. The first thing that you want to do of course when you’re injured on a construction site is there’s always immediate medical attention, usually ambulance is called immediately, we’ll take you to the emergency room and you’ll be treated by the physicians there initially. Most of the time I’m contacted while the injured person is in the hospital, I’m either contacted by a family member or the injured person themselves, many, many times in my practice I’ve gone in hospitals and sat down and met with the family and met with the injured person to begin to obtain the initial facts of the case, to do the analysis of the case and to be hired by the injured person and/or their families to represent them. For more information, go to

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