Personal InjuryHow Does Texas Compare to Other States for Safety?

Photo of a metal Texas road signHow safe is Texas compared to other states?

The National Safety Council recently released a first-of-its-kind report detailing various safety indicators and their effectiveness at preventing death and injury throughout the country. Texas fell almost exactly in the middle compared to other states, ranking 26th safest state in the country.

Texas had only 48 percent of the 62 safety indicators it was rated for, giving it a “D” rating. No state received an “A,” although Maryland came very close.

The report was split into three categories: home and community safety, road safety and workplace safety.

How Texas Ranked in Each Category

In home and community safety, which covers things like older adult falls, youth sports-related concussions, drownings and things of that nature, Texas ranked 15th in the nation. The state was rated “D” in this category.

For road safety, Texas was ranked 29th in the country and received a “C” rating. For state policies related to DWI, older drivers and seat belts, state policies were said to be on track. But for things like child passengers, speeding, teen drivers and vulnerable road users (cyclists, bikers), Texas was off track.

Texas’s worst ranking was related to workplace safety. We were given an “F” grade, and ranked 32nd in the nation. For workers’ comp, health and well-being, state policies were off track. More work needs to be done in this field to help Texas workers prevent serious work-related injuries.

So, how safe is Texas? We aren’t the best, but we certainly aren’t the worst.

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