Austin, TXPlayground Safety Tips for Parents of Children in Austin

Many children love playing on the playgrounds in Austin. As fun as they are,iStock_000011213201_Medium they can also be dangerous if children are left unsupervised or if the area is not properly designed.

Each year, ERs treat around two-hundred thousand children for these types of accidents. About 45 percent of playground-related injuries are severe, including fractures, traumatic brain injuries, dislocations, and amputations, among other serious injuries.

Accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, but many are preventable. The following playground safety tips can help keep your children safe on playgrounds:

Before allowing your children to play on the playground, make sure:

  • The area is designed so it’s easy for adults to supervise children
  • The playground is free of hazards, such as a broken glass
  • The equipment is in good repair with no exposed screws or nails and no loose pieces
  • There’s adequate shading as the heat in Texas can make metal equipment very hot

Always be alert. Experts say that nearly half of all playground injuries are from inadequate supervision. Watch the children playing at all times. For instance, monitor the slide so children climb the ladder one at a time. If there are multiple adults, split up so you can each watch the playground from different angles.

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