Personal InjuryPit bull causes severe injuries to children

Last year, 38 Americans lost their lives because of a dog attack. Man’s best friend can sometimes have malevolent intentions. Some of the most vicious dog attacks have been caused by pit bulls. Permanent disfigurement, loss of limbs and severe mauling has all been contributed to pit bull attacks in recent years. In fact between 2005 and 2012, pit bull bites accounted for 60 percent of all dog-bite deaths.

Even more disturbing, 72 percent of the attacks happen to children. Austin child injury attorneys have seem some of the more gruesome of these attacks. Recenently two toddlers were severely injured after being attacked by a pit bull. Only one and two-years-old, both boys were playing in a fenced in backyard of a family friend when the families pit pull attacked. Both children were sent to the hospital with facial injuries.

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