Car AccidentsWhat Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Austin?

According to a study based on collision data from the Texas Department of Transportation, there are 279 intersections in Texas where at least 48 collisions happened in a four-year time span. That said, four of the most dangerous intersections are located right here in Austin and chances are, you’ve driven through them at least a few times.

Stay Safe Around These Austin Intersections

The worst intersection in Austin is located at East Riverside Drive and South Pleasant Valley Road, near the Austin Community College. This intersection has seen at least 68 car crashes and 54 reported injuries between 2012 and 2015.

The runner-up for the title of worst intersection in Austin is Lamar Boulevard and Parmer Lane, near a North Austin high school and a busy shopping center. This busy intersection, full of commuters and teenage drivers has seen 56 reported car crashes and 45 injuries between 2012 and 2015.

The third most dangerous intersection in Austin is at Butler Road and Lamar Boulevard, which is located near Barton Springs Road and P. Terry’s. This particular road is not protected by a stop light, so it makes sense that there are 69 car crashes and at least 38 reported injuries.

Lastly, the intersection at Riverside Drive and Willow Creek on the west side of I-35 has been the location of at least 51 car crashes and 38 reported injuries.

What is the City Doing to Improve the Most Dangerous Intersections in Austin?

The fact of the matter is Austin’s infrastructure is no match for the city’s growing population and new developments. The city has made some fantastic improvements to well-known and popular intersections, including the West Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road intersection as well as the Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane intersection. However, we still have a long way to go in order to support the rapidly expanding population and the resulting traffic congestion.

Fortunately, the Austin City Council passed an ordinance calling for a $720 million transportation bond that could allow the city to add more bike lanes, widen sidewalks and widen medians. While this bond is a good first step and could help reduce the number of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents, it may not do much to improve these dangerous intersections.

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