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Like we have discussed before, the construction started along MoPac has caused much confusion and has created dangerous driving conditions for motorists and construction workers on the Austin roadway. Unfortunately, on February 25, a driver rear-ended a Travis County deputy working traffic control for the MoPac Improvement Project. The deputy was taken to a local hospital, but is expected to recover.

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For some drivers, traffic congestion is not the only issue on the clogged highway; confusion over which lanes are closed has motorists frustrated.

“I just try to avoid [MoPac] as much as possible, but I really don’t have alternatives. I have to go that route,” one commuter told KXAN.

Police patrols have also been increased through the construction zone because of a speeding problem. The speed limit is 55 mph, but many drivers are still ignoring the reduced limits.

“The road itself has changed,” stated Chad Martinka of the Austin Police Department. “There’s no longer any shoulder in the construction zone. There’s no room for error once you’re in the construction zone.”

The construction on MoPac is not only confusing for drivers, but can be especially dangerous and deadly for construction workers who are forced to work near lanes of congested traffic and in compacted, stressful work areas.

The MoPac Improvement Project is expected to be complete by the fall of 2015.

What Should I Do if Bad Road Conditions Caused My Car Accident?

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