Workers CompensationMobile Devices Lead to Increase in Workers’ Compensation Claims

businesswoman sending a text while drivingIn today’s world of mobile devices, iPads, wireless headsets and laptops, it seems no matter where we go, work can go with us if we choose. Employers have jumped at the chance to provide new technology to workers with the intention and hope of seeing higher levels of productivity. An unexpected consequence has been a rise in situations where injuries at work become a disputed matter. The question, at its most basic, is whether or not a company owes a worker workers’ compensation if the worker is injured while using technology provided by the employer. So far, the courts have not handed down a definitive decision.

For example: imagine an employee with a work phone checking his email while driving. If the employee crashes, is that a work-related injury? So far, it depends on who you ask. The courts are looking at multiple factors, including whether there were undue expectations placed on workers that caused them to get into a technology-caused accident. As the insurance world and employers continue to navigate this system, it is important to have a knowledgeable Austin workers’ compensation attorney advising you if you’ve been injured.

What Happens if I’m Injured While Using Office Equipment?

Workers’ compensation is available for individuals who are injured while performing job related tasks. If you were injured while using distracting technology for work purposes but were not at work, you may still be entitled to workers’ compensation. Connect with our firm today on Facebook or Twitter, or peruse our blog about similar issues.

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