Last month an Austin Independent School District bus accident occurred on W. Ben White Boulevard, injuring one person. Luckily, no children were on board at the time of the accident.
Many School Bus Accidents Happen Annually
Texas school buses transport approximately 1.4 million students daily, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Of these, just over 1,000 are injured each year. Fatalities are generally rare, but even a single death is tragic, unnecessary and usually preventable.

Most student deaths in school bus accidents occur when the students are pedestrians. A student is prone to injury or death when hurrying to get on or off a bus, especially when the student is in a driver’s blind spot. Sometimes a bus makes it difficult for other drivers to see children, which can lead to a bus indirectly causing a pedestrian accident between a student and another vehicle.

There are rules and regulations in place to ensure that students are not injured or killed by school buses or other drivers. These include standard defensive driving methods, but they also include:

  • Obeying school zone speed limits
  • Making sure that a bus is not overloaded
  • Having drivers who are experienced and properly trained to operate a bus
  • Properly maintaining buses
  • Properly taking into account weather or traffic conditions when driving

Other reasons for negligent driving exist for both school bus drivers and independent motorists driving in a school zone.

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