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If alcohol or drugs may have played a role in a truck accident, our Austin truck accident lawyer examines issues critical to the success of your claim.Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles have the capacity to cause serious or fatal injuries to other motorists. Even at low speeds, truck accidents can have devastating consequences given the size and weight of commercial trucks. When drivers operate these vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a catastrophic accident becomes much more likely.

We are a small, specialized law firm for personal injury claims dedicated to representing the people of Austin when they are affected by drunk drivers. Since 1978, we have provided honest and competent representation to injured individuals and their families. At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we handle everything in regards to your injury case so you can focus on healing. Dick Allison founded the firm to help members of his community receive fair compensation for their pain and suffering, and his son Aaron Allison continues this work today.

Truck Driver Responsibilities

Truckers are required to obtain special training and maintain a commercial driver’s license because of the unusual danger posed by large tractor-trailers. Unfortunately, these drivers sometimes cause accidents by driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.

It is a reality of the trucking world that truckers are often paid by the mile. To earn extra wages, some truckers log significant miles and push their bodies to the point of extreme fatigue. In such cases, some truckers take prescription, over-the-counter or even illegal stimulants in an attempt to stay awake. In cases like this, the driver can be held just as liable as if they were driving while intoxicated.

Our Austin truck accident lawyer knows the law and how to investigate the cause of accidents. If alcohol or drugs may have played a role in trucking accidents, our law firm will examine key issues that may be critical to the success of your claim, such as:

  • Was the trucker tested for drugs or alcohol?
  • Did the trucking company perform a proper background check to determine if the trucker has a safe driving record?
  • Has the trucker been involved in other accidents?

We believe strongly in the value of trial preparation. By preparing meticulously for the possibility of trial, we send a strong message to the insurance companies that we mean business. As a result of our thorough case management, we are in a better position to leverage favorable settlement agreements for our clients. When cases go to trial, our thorough preparation is a decided advantage for the clients we serve.

Austin Truck Accident Lawyer Provides Help for Truck Accident Victims

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