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Our Austin product liability offer a free consultation to discuss dangerous toys, including toy recalls because we're parents, too.Sometimes the most dangerous toys in the market have no warning labels. Toys that seem safe could have hidden dangers, including a manufacturing defect or a design flaw that puts your child at risk. Because our Austin personal injury attorney is also a parent, he dedicates our practice to seeking justice and compensation for children injured by negligence. Our law firm was founded in 1978. Now, the founder’s son, Aaron Allison, handles each personal injury claim with the same care and consideration his father instilled in him at an early age.

If a dangerous or defective toy seriously injured your child, you have nothing to lose by talking with our firm. There may have been toy recalls that you do not even know about. The consultation is free, and we can then let you know what your options are moving forward.

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Some examples of how toys may present a danger to your child include:

  • Unsafe lead content
  • Choking hazards
  • Asphyxiation/suffocation hazard
  • Harmful chemical content
  • Potential for causing a fire

Lead poisoning is a one of the more challenging hazards to identify. It is easy to remove chocking hazards; however, barring testing by a lab, you cannot identify a lead hazard. Lead poisoning can lead to a range of health issues and in the worst cases, death.

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Our firm understands that toy manufacturers are accountable when they take short cuts or otherwise take actions that cause injury to children. Our Austin personal injury lawyer aggressively pursues all available remedies against the manufacturers of defective and dangerous toys. Thus, the law firm’s goal is to help you and your child secure a level of compensation that helps your family face the challenges created by the injuries your child suffered.

Often these injuries can create ongoing health concerns that will require financial and medical resources in the future. We provide the tools necessary to help your child overcome the obstacles he or she faces.

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Has your child been injured by a defective toy? Let our experienced attorney investigate the circumstances of your situation and find out if the toy manufacturer took all the proper safety precautions. To schedule a free initial consultation with a product liability lawyer in Austin, call (512) 474-8346 or contact us online.

We handle injury cases with contingency fees, which means we do not collect attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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