Workers CompensationHow Much Could I Receive from Workers’ Compensation?

Workplace injuries can result in extensive medical bills and lost income. Texas workers compensation can help you recover some monetary losses and arrange your medical affairs after a workplace accident. There are many complicated rules that apply when you file for workers comp benefits, especially in Texas. In addition, there are also different types of workers comp benefits in Texas.

  • Temporary income benefits. These benefits cover a 70 percent difference from your regular weekly wages and your temporary income benefits. There is a weekly maximum of these income benefits that you will be able to receive.
  • Impairment income benefits. These benefits may be available if you have a permanent disability. A doctor will determine what disabilities you have once you are fully recovered. These benefits are usually a 70% average of your weekly wages.
  • Supplemental income benefits. These benefits start once your impairment income benefits have stopped. It’s calculated by taking the difference between 80 percent of your average weekly wages before your injury and your post-injury wages.
  • Lifetime income benefits. If you suffered a permanent impairment, you may receive up to 75 percent average of your weekly wages.

Texas workers compensation also provides many other additional benefits. Some of these include medical benefits, mileage reimbursement and vocational rehabilitation. Though workers compensation provides a great amount of benefits, it may only pay for a portion of your lost income and does not take into account any pain and suffering you endured from your injury.

Texas is also the only state that does not require employers to be a part of the workers compensation system. If you have been injured in the workplace and your employer doesn’t subscribe to workers compensation, then you should contact a workers compensation lawyer to assist you.

Questions About Workers Compensation?

This blog only covers a very small portion of the ins and outs of workers compensation in our state. If you want more information about workplace injuries and workers compensation, you should speak to a workplace injury attorney. Austin workplace injury attorney Aaron Allison could help you determine if you have additional compensation options from a workplace injury. Call (512) 474-8346 today.

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