Bicycle AccidentsHow Has Coronavirus Affected Bicycling in Austin?

With coronavirus sweeping across the country, many individuals have found themselves stuck at home. This has left some people looking for a way to get the exercise they need while still observing social distancing. Thus, many Austinites have turned to cycling as a solution. However, this has caused a surge in interest for the sport, resulting in a bike shortage.

How is our community dealing with this shortage? Just how far do these effects reach? Are there any safety concerns we should worry about? Our Austin bicycle accident attorney has information that may clarify the situation.

How Is the Austin Bike Community Dealing With Coronavirus?

Though COVID-19 has closed many businesses and kept people at home, some are finding ways to stay active. They have either started or restarted the healthy habit of riding bicycles. This has resulted in a bicycle shortage that not only spans Austin, but the entire globe.

A report from KXAN said that coronavirus disrupted bicycle supply chains from China. Considering most of the U.S. and other portions of the world get its bikes from China, a bike shortage emerged.

Austin bike shops are not sweating about this shortage though. Bikes may be hard to come by, but there are still plenty of bike parts available. And with the growing interest in bicycles, Austinites need the many services related to bicycling.  Now bike shops are seeing a boom in business.

Is It Safe to Ride Bicycles During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Since stay-at-home orders have forced individuals to work from home, traffic has lessened. This has opened up roads for bikers, and allows the space to remain six feet apart at all times.

This is a perfect recipe for social distancing, which may be why so many have taken up cycling. Feeding the excitement, the Austin City Council has installed temporary bike lanes on Congress Avenue. Despite these improvements for cyclists, there are still dangers riders need to know about.

Though the stay-at-home orders have reduced traffic on the roads, drivers have become more reckless. In March, traffic fatalities actually went up in Texas. Authorities say the open roads have emboldened irresponsible drivers. This has led to more severe crashes despite the number of traffic collisions going down.

If You Need Help, Our Austin Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Even though the roads may seem safer for bicyclists, there is still danger lurking. With roads more vacant than normal, reckless drivers may neglect not only their own safety but yours as well. Should one of these drivers injure you or a loved one, the Law Offices of Aaron Allison is ready to help.

We have experience fighting for the compensation that injured cyclists deserve. For more information about our services, feel free to call (512) 474-8346 or fill out our online contact form.

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