Personal InjuryPremises LiabilityGrandmother sues Texas McDonald’s for her grandchild’s injuries

August 30, 2013by Aaron Allison

Families in Texas, especially those with children, will often times go to McDonald’s not just to eat but also to have fun. It if often considered a way to have an affordable meal while also providing an environment for their children to play in. Although most parents consider play areas to be designed for children and are relatively safe, accidents could happen and injuries ensue.

In Tyler, a grandmother is suing a McDonald’s franchise after an accident at the restaurant caused not only physical injuries but also emotional trauma to her 3-year-old granddaughter. The elderly woman and the little girl were having fun at a game station in the restaurant when she noticed that her granddaughter was hanging and the child’s feet were dangling above the floor. The girl could not speak and she turned purple. The grandmother noticed that a black controller cord, which was a part of the gaming station, was strangling the child.

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