Motorcycle AccidentsAre Flyovers Unsafe for Motorcyclists?

Flyovers Unsafe for MotorcyclistsIn April, a 28-year old motorcyclist died after losing control on the US 183 and MoPac Expressway flyover. Megan Brennan lost control of her bike and flew off the side of the flyover, falling to her death. Since then, friends of the victim have been calling for the city to take steps to make flyovers safer for motorcyclists.

In the last decade, there have been at least six deaths on Austin flyovers involving motorcyclists. In February, a woman fell off the US 290 flyover onto Koenig Lane. In 2014, a woman died after falling from the same overpass as Brennan.

Several potential solutions to unsafe flyovers have been offered. For example, some cities have high chain link fencing on flyovers to prevent people from falling.

Under ideal circumstances, flyovers should be as safe for motorcyclists as any other road would be. However, dangerous conditions and behaviors can place motorcyclists at risk. Slick roads can make motorcyclists more likely to lose control of their bikes, and defective parts on motorcycles can increase the odds of an accident. Other drivers also pose hazards, especially when they fail to slow down on curved overpasses or when they fail to notice a motorcyclist. While the barriers along Texas flyovers do a good job of keeping cars from falling, motorcyclists have little protection. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or have died due to unsafe flyovers, speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss your best options moving forward.

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