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According to KXAN, a man on his way home from work was killed in a crash on April 21 by a suspected drunk driver. The victim was sitting at a stoplight on the westbound US Highway 290 service road at Springdale Road, when a 34-year-old driver slammed into the back of his vehicle around 3:30 a.m.

The reckless driver admitted to drinking two beers earlier in the night before his group of friends headed to a residence near East William Cannon Drive. He told police he then drove two friends to a club to retrieve a cell phone. By the time they left the club, his two passengers had passed out, and the 34 year old began driving in the direction he though was south. After seeing signs directing him to Pflugerville, he realized he was going the wrong way.

The group later stopped at a gas station for directions before getting back onto the road. The 34-year-old driver was instructed to take an exit and was talking with a back seat passenger to get directions when they struck the rear of the victim’s vehicle. The driver said he never saw the victim’s car.

Two hours after the crash, a test showed the driver’s blood-alcohol level was .066. The driver suffered a broken rib and lacerations to his leg in the crash. A front seat passenger also had a concussion and a rib fracture, and the man sitting in the back seat suffered a possible torn colon.

The 34 year old was charged with intoxication manslaughter and his bond was set at $75,000.

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