Video LibraryDo I Need a Lawyer if I Get Injured on the Job and My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Do you need an attorney if you are injured on the job and your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance? In this video, Austin personal injury attorney Aaron Allison explains how the system works. For more information, call (512) 474-8346.

Video Transcription:

It’s a complicated process. It’s always best to have a legal professional representing you in a work injury case or any injury case. The average person on the street doesn’t understand the intricacies of the law. They don’t understand how it works in the legal system, in the civil system. It’s always best to have an expert representing you who can advise you and get you the best result possible. Anyone who takes on a complicated job of trying to represent themselves in a civil matter without any real understanding of law procedure or how the practical relationship between an insurance company and an attorney works is just going to be frustrating themselves. You’re always going to have a better result in hiring a legal professional to represent you in a matter than trying to do it yourself. Even lawyers who have legal matters hire other lawyers to represent them, okay. So, if a legal professional believes he had it can get a better result from hiring another legal professional to represent him, what does that tell the layperson then? In every situation where you may have a legal issue, you need to obtain counsel. For more information, go to

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