Car AccidentsWrongful DeathAre Distracted Driving Accidents on the Rise in Texas?

Texas is one of only seven states without a law banning drivers from texting while driving their vehicle. Many efforts have been made to pass a law, but all attempts have failed. Some local ordinances have been made, but despite these local ordinances, texting accidents, and other distracted driving accidents, still occur.

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More and more accidents in Texas are occurring because of distracted driving. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, distracted drivers cause one in five traffic accidents. This includes 459 people in Texas last year that were killed in fatal accidents involving a distracted driver.

The total number of distracted driving accidents from last year was 94,943. This is a 4 percent increase.

Are Distracted Driving Accidents Preventable?

Distracted driving is preventable. As such, the 459 people killed last year because of distracted drivers could have been spared. Distracted driving accidents commonly occur because of texting, eating, grooming or fiddling with the radio while driving. All of these are habits that can wait until the car is parked safely.

Texting is one of the worst forms of distracted driving as it takes the eyes, hands and mind off the road. Reacting to a road hazard is difficult enough on a highway when both hands are on the wheel.

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