Car AccidentsCould Self-Driven Trucks Prevent Crashes?

NBC News had an interesting report recently that indicated that the world’s first self-driven tractor-trailer has begun operating in Nevada. Photo of truck

The news outlet reported that the 18-wheeler received a license plate recently and passed its inspection to begin use on state roads. Although the truck will be driverless, a human will still need to sit behind the wheel in case there is an emergency, ready to take control of the vehicle. The “Inspiration” truck uses computerized technology and sensors that allows it to monitor other vehicles on the road, as well as conditions. It was reported that it logged over 10,000 miles of testing prior to receiving approval to operate.

“An autonomous system never gets tired, never gets distracted,” a representative said, according to NBC News. “It is always on 100 percent.”

Experts say that 90 percent of truck accidents involve human error, including driver fatigue.

Officials said that they hope to spread the technology to other states including California and Michigan soon.

Why Should I Talk to an Attorney about a Truck Accident?

It will be interesting to see if this driverless technology spreads and leads to a decrease in the number of fatal truck accidents occurring in America. As we have reported previously, between 2009 and 2013, fatal commercial vehicle crashes in Texas increased by about 51 percent, from 352 to 532. Anything that can help prevent these accidents would be welcomed.

If you have been injured in a truck accident or you family member has been killed, talk to an attorney about your legal rights. Again, most truck accidents are the result of human error including fatigue, and reckless or distracted driving. You should not have to suffer because a company and/or a driver made a mistake that led to a crash.

By working with our Austin injury attorneys, your case will be investigated thoroughly and with compassion.

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