Last week, four people drowned in a canoeing accident while attending a familyWhite Speedboat gathering at a resort in Crockett, Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Steve Lightfoot said a search began after an employee at the Crockett Family Resort became concerned that the four didn’t return a rented canoe on time.

The four bodies were pulled from Houston County Lake last Sunday and Monday.

Lightfoot said the cause of their deaths is not known but that foul play is not suspected.

According to the American Canoe Association, in 2014, there were approximately 140 fatalities from canoeing, kayaking and standup paddle boarding.

Many Texans will be canoeing in lakes and rivers this summer.

If you’re planning on canoeing, it’s important to remember these tips for keeping dry and avoiding danger:

  • Always wear a life jacket. You never know when you may fall out or tip over.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Rocking from side to side can cause the canoe to tip over.
  • Be aware of the currents in the water. If the current pulls you along faster or toward rocks, paddle towards the shore.
  • Sit in the seats or in the center of the canoe. Sitting on the side can cause the canoe to tip over.
  • Do not canoe in bad weather.
  • Stay low. Don’t walk or stand up in your canoe when you are away from shore.
  • Tie all your equipment to the canoe. Putting your equipment in a waterproof bag will keep it dry, and tying it to one of the center beams ensures you don’t lose everything if the canoe tips over.

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