Car AccidentsHow Can You Handle Angry Drivers in Austin?

Road rage is incredibly common in Austin. We have all seen other drivers honk or perform dangerous maneuvers because they are angry at traffic conditions. Road rage is also a cause of car accidents in Austin and across the US. According to a AAA study published last year, angry drivers perform multiple types of dangerous maneuvers that increase the chance of a crash. Angry drivers tailgate, cut other motorists off or block other motorists from changing lanes. Some angry drivers even purposefully ram other vehicles.

If you are confronted by an angry driver, then you could try using the following tips to keep yourself safe.

  • Disengage from the situation. You could risk making the situation more dangerous by confronting an angry driver. Instead, try to disengage from the person. For instance, you could move over if someone is tailgating your vehicle. Try to avoid eye contact. No matter how tempting it might be, never make obscene gestures.
  • Try to get away from the driver. If another motorist is driving aggressively around you, then it is very important to keep your distance. It may even be necessary to pull over somewhere safe where there are lots of people. A police station would be a great place to pull over if you are being followed by an aggressive driver. If you are coming to an area where there is a stop, be sure that your doors are locked. Never get out of your vehicle because it offers you protection.
  • Consider calling the police. There are also steps you could take if you witness an angry driving harassing someone else. Angry drivers could be a danger to the safety of other motorists. You may consider pulling over somewhere safe to call the police. Try to remember the license plate if you are able. The vehicle’s make, model and color could also help police locate the offending vehicle.

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