Personal InjuryAustin Woman Injured by Stray Celebratory Bullet

Woman Injured by Stray Celebratory BulletIn a blog a few weeks ago about New Year’s safety and the causes of New Year’s injuries, we mentioned celebratory gunfire and how it can cause harm, especially in states with a love affair for firearms (hello Lone Star State). Apparently, we had a couple injuries just like that – one involving a state representative, and one involving an Austinite.

Just north of Weslaco, State Representative Armando Martinez was celebrating the beginning of 2017 when something struck him in the head during a fireworks show. He felt a small hole in his head and blood everywhere. His wife rushed him to the emergency room, where the doctors found the bullet. It was a mere two millimeters from rupturing his brain. Now, he is speaking out against celebratory gunfire, hoping to introduce legislation to increase the penalties for the illegal act.

In Austin, a woman sitting on a tree platform at 6th and Brazos was on the phone. During the conversation, she felt a hard smack on her leg. After standing, she knew something was wrong. The bullet made it halfway through her leg, requiring surgery to remove and treat the wound. Following her injury, she is seeking financial help for the medical costs.

What Do I Do If Celebratory Gunfire Hurts Me?

This dangerous practice can lead to expensive medical bills and long-lasting pain and suffering. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify the source of celebratory gunfire. Without the identity of the shooter, it can be difficult to seek damages from that negligent person.

But, it is not impossible. A thorough examination of the bullet could potentially lead police to the gun that fired it. At any rate, if you are struck by celebratory gunfire, a personal injury attorney can assist you in identifying and holding accountable the person responsible for your injury.

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