Personal Injury20-year-old caretaker blamed for a child’s injuries in Houston

A 20-year-old caretaker from Atascocita, Texas has been arrested on charges of causing severe injuries to a three-year-old boy. According to the Houston Police Department, the caretaker was alone with the child at the time of the incident. However, the accused has denied causing child injury. The child was under the supervision of the accused in a house in Houston, Texas. The child was taken to the Texas Children’s hospital in critical condition and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. The child’s mother found him unresponsive upon her return to the house and immediately called the police.

However, the accused told the investigating team that the little boy had been hurt while he was wrestling with another five-year-old boy, which resulted in the injuries. However, according to authorities, the accused later changed his statement. The three-year-old boy’s injuries, which include internal bleeding, were apparently too severe to be caused by roughhousing. The child’s present medical condition has not yet been disclosed.

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