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In Austin, drunk driving has become a big issue. Many criticize the weak public transportation system that causes the higher number of drunken driving incidents. Fortunately, ATX Safer Streets (ATX) is an organization that advocates for better public transportation offerings and improvements to the overnight parking system.

How Can Better Public Transportation Reduce Drunk Driving?

ATX believes “that a better transit structure is the key to reducing drunk drivers on the roads, as well as traffic congestion.”

The organization says that six key changes can help reduce drunk driving in Austin:

  1. Adding more buses that run later and to more parts of the city.
  2. Having the Cap Metro trains run later during the weekends.
  3. Having more taxis on late nights for the weekends and special events.
  4. Legalize driver programs such as Uber and Lyft.
  5. Reduce the penalties or eliminate penalties for people who leave their cars downtown overnight to get a ride home after drinking.
  6. Allow overnight parking downtown.

Drunk driving is a choice, and ATX makes it clear that people are responsible for their decisions and actions. It adds that drunk drivers should be held accountable for their reckless decisions.

However, ATX says that people will be more inclined to make a responsible decision if they are provided with the options.

ATX’s mission is praiseworthy, but we should emphasize the fact that when a drunken person gets behind the wheel, he or she is making the choice to endanger the lives of others. Drunk drivers should face the consequences of their actions.

Did You Know? According to, insurance premiums increase on average by 58 percent after a DUI charge.

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