Car AccidentsWrongful DeathTeen that Killed Four People While Drunk Driving Faces Five Civil Lawsuits

A Texas teen may have dodged a criminal punishment, but the 16-year-old that drunkenly drove his truck into a crowd, killing four people, may have cost his family their fortune in civil court.

The 16-year-old was convicted of speeding over 70 miles an hour and hitting a crowd of people gathered by a disabled vehicle on the side of a road in Fort Worth. The teen reportedly blew a .24 on a Breathalyzer test, three times the legal limit.

The teen avoided a long prison sentence after his family hired a psychologist to testify that the 16-year-old was a victim of “affluenza,” meaning he was spoiled by his family’s wealth and is unable to follow normal laws and regulations without therapy.

However, that may not save the teen’s family in the future. The family now faces five civil lawsuits: three from families of people the 16-year-old killed and two from those he injured. The amounts specified in the court filings are large, with one family seeking damages of $1 million and another for $20 million.

The lawsuits also name the teen’s parents and the family company, since he was driving a company-owned F-350 super-duty pickup truck at the time of the crash.

A Drunk Driver Killed My Loved One and I Need an Experienced Lawyer

The state of Texas usually does not have tolerance for drunk driving, and the civil courts share that attitude as well. If you are injured by a driver who was impaired by alcohol, you deserve to seek justice for the suffering you endured.

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Did You Know: Texas is leading the nation in drunk driving-related fatalities, with 1,213 deaths in 2011.

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