Workers CompensationWhy was this Austin Company Fined by OSHA?

An Austin company fined by OSHA is facing serious penalties after a workplace accident. Genesis Today Inc. is facing a $56,000 fine for safety violations after a worker lost a hand in one of the company’s machines.

Injured in a workplace accident?

Workplace injuries happen every day. Although many employees enjoy the benefit of workers’ compensation when they get hurt at work, they do not always realize that they could be entitled to further monetary damages.

If you were injured on the job, do not assume that workers’ comp will be your only source of payment. Texas law allows injured employees to sue for personal injury damages against negligent third-party defendants. If your company does not subscribe to workers comp insurance, you can even sue your own employer.

Most workers’ comp plans will pay for the loss of wages you suffer while recovering from your injuries. However, these payments may not cover all your personal and family expenses. An attorney can help you recover both workers’ comp benefits and personal injury damages.

If your employer does not subscribe to workers’ comp insurance, you can collect personal injury damages from the employer upon some proof of negligence on the employer’s part. In these cases, the employer needs only to be found 1 percent responsible for the circumstances that caused your injuries. Personal injury litigation can result in the payment of damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, lost job benefits, emotional suffering and any lost earning potential you suffered as a result of your injuries.

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