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According to, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Lindamood Demolition Inc. and Texas Cutting & Coring with five violations. Two of the citations were willful.

Late last year, OSHA investigated the two construction companies after an employee was killed working on the construction site for the A&M football stadium.

While a Texas Cutting employee was working to cut loose a concrete stub, a Lindamood employee was using a skid-steer to support the 3,340-pound object. Once the concrete was detached, it overloaded the skid-steer, pushing it off a 70-foot ledge. The Lindamood employee did not survive the fall.

Casey Perkins, OSHA’s Austin director, said that both construction companies “failed to provide employees with safe demolition procedures despite concerns from workers.

Lindamood and Texas Cutting each received a willful citation:

  • Lindamood is fined $56,000 for exceeding the weight of the skid-steer on more than one occasion
  • Texas Cutting is fined $63,000 for exposing workers to falling concrete from the overloaded skid-steer

Additionally, the two companies received citations for serious violations:

  • Lindamood is fined $7,200 for two violations for failing to have fall prevention measures in place
  • Texas Cutting is fined $4,500 for not providing fall protection

What is the Severe Violator Enforcement Program?

Lindamood, based out of Irving, is now under OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) because it has continued to disregard the safety of its employees.

Companies that have repeatedly endangered workers by failing to fix known safety issues are placed in the SVEP. This program places extra scrutiny on these companies by requiring that OSHA conduct more frequent and thorough inspections of their jobsites.

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