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Our Austin Injury Attorney Examines Pedestrian Accident Facts

With pleasant weather throughout the year, Austinites love taking walks on the city’s many trails and through the picturesque neighborhoods. However, a stroll in the evening as the temperature cools off, a walk with the dog or a jog around the neighborhood can be dangerous as a pedestrian. In cases of pedestrian accidents, motor vehicles have the weight advantage, and so innocent people walking on the road can easily suffer severe injuries and even death.

The High Costs of Pedestrian Accidents

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that close to 4,280 pedestrians die in traffic crashes across the country every year and another 70,000 are injured. In Austin, nearly 20 pedestrians suffer a fatal collision with a motor vehicle.

Recently, the Austin Police Department labeled 128 intersections that had been discovered to be particularly dangerous for pedestrians. The list included:

  • Congress and East 4th
  • 1st and Riverside
  • Jones and Manchaca
  • Barton Springs and 1st
  • 24th Street on the Drag
  • Red River and 12th

Each of the spots has had at least three accidents since 2008. The two most dangerous pedestrian intersections were deemed to be Congress and Cesar Chavez and 5th and Lavaca. Eight accidents have occurred at each intersection.

Essential Pedestrian Safety Tips

While you cannot always influence the behavior of drivers on the road, following these tips can keep you safer:

  • Increase your visibility. Many pedestrian fatalities and injuries happen at dusk or dawn when it is difficult for drivers to see those on foot. Wear reflective or light colored clothing or carry a flashlight in dimly lighted or dark areas.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Avoid distracting activities, such as wearing headphones or texting. Closely watch drivers around you and make eye contact when possible to ensure they see you.
  • Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible. Use crosswalks and limit your movements to areas intended for pedestrians.

Many who ride the bus or walk to work in periods of low light must be careful. Even the brief stroll from a parking lot to an office may be dangerous if crossing busy streets. Depending on the intersection, vehicles turning left across traffic may fail to watch closely for pedestrians, so it is valuable to avoid distractions, such as texting while crossing busy intersections.

It can be difficult to determine the cause of a pedestrian accident. If you have been hurt, contact our Austin injury lawyer at (512) 474-8346. Our firm will work aggressively to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for injuries.

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