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September came to a sad closing. Four softball players from North Central Texas College were killed when a tractor-trailer crossed the median and hit the softball team’s van. The accident occurred near the Oklahoma-Texas border on Interstate 35.

The softball team was returning to Texas after a game when the accident happened.

Russell Staley, 53, of Saginaw, Texas was driving his semi northbound on I-35 when his truck crossed the median and slammed into the bus carrying the softball players.

After colliding with the bus, the 18-wheeler continued off the other side of the road. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) tells NBC that they could not find the semi for an hour after the accident.

Are Fatal Crashes Investigated as a Homicide?

Many were surprised to learn that the OHP announced that they were investigating this crash as a homicide. However, OHP Captain Ronnie Hampton tells NBC, “Any collision that results in death and someone could be charged with a crime is a homicide investigation.”

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) arrived on scene to investigate as well.

Some people are wondering if the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel or was driving distracted. OHP says they currently do not see any signs of drowsy driving, but they did not give any more information. It is normal procedure for enforcement officials to look over a trucker’s logbook and all mechanical parts of the truck after a crash.

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