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Car Wreck
Photo of a SUV that rolled over

MSN Autos says that it is critical to maintain safe tires on your vehicle, because “your life rides on your tires every time you get in your vehicle.” Unfortunately, in mid July, we were reminded of the consequences of tire failure.

According to KXAN, a van carrying seven passengers rolled over multiple times on Interstate 35 in Georgetown on July 12. One of the passengers died and six others were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Investigators say that the cause of this accident was a blown tire on the van.

Always Maintain Safe Tires

It is always possible that a tire could fail, because it has a defective design, but you can do your part by making sure your tires are safe to travel on.

MSN Autos offers 10 tire safety tips for your vehicle:

  • Check tire pressure once a month.
    • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says, “The leading cause of tire failure is underinflation.”
  • Regularly check tires for unusual wear or damage.
  • Rotate tires according to the vehicle manufacturer’s suggestion.
  • Properly balance tires.
  • Maintain steering and suspension alignment.
  • Do not overload a tire.
  • Limit overheating of your tire.
  • Always replace your tires when it is time; replace your tires if:
    • The tread is less that 1/16 of an inch
    • There is severe uneven tread wear
    • There is severe cracks on the sidewall of the tire
    • There is tread separation from the tire
    • The tire has been punctured and cannot be repaired safely
  • It is important to buy at least two new tires at a time. If possible, buy a full set.
  • Choose the right tire for your vehicle and driving environment.

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