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A report issued by Allstate Insurance Company found that Austin is home to some of the nation’s worst drivers, leading to a dangerously high likelihood of fatal car accidents. In light of this, our Austin injury lawyer wants to take the time to remind drivers of important safety tips that will help them avoid suffering a harmful motor vehicle crash in the state capital.

The Results of Allstate’s “America’s Best Drivers”

In its report, Allstate evaluated 200 of the nation’s largest municipalities on the frequency of motor vehicle accidents within their city limits. Overall, the study found that crash rates are down to their lowest figures since 1949. However, the nation still loses close to 32,000 people in motor vehicle crashes on average each year.

Austin ranks 155th out of 200, landing squarely in the bottom quarter of the surveyed cities. The report estimates that Austin drivers are involved in accidents once every 7.8 years on average. Austin drivers are 27.5 percent more likely to be in an accident compared to the national average. The city with the best drivers in the country is Fort Collins, Colorado, with drivers experiencing an average of nearly 14 years between accidents.

While being in the lowest quarter of all cities is not ideal, the city’s 2013 rank did improve from last year. In 2012, Austin was 150th out of 200 in Allstate’s annual report.

Common Driver Behaviors that Cause Crashes

Although the Allstate report did not mention any trends in terms of accident causes, it is well-established that a few common behaviors contribute to many collisions that occur nationwide.

One particularly frequent cause of serious injuries on the road is drivers distracted by cell phones. Motorists using electronics may fail to see traffic congestion in time to react or a pedestrian who has stepped into a crosswalk.

In other cases, motorists may drive aggressively, speeding through urban areas, blowing through yellow or red traffic lights, weaving in and out of traffic and closely tailgating. Some may fail to signal their turns or double-check blind spots before merging into a different lane or making a right-hand turn.

On the highway, those who are in a rush or frustrated with traffic can make poor choices, sometimes even passing on the shoulder. The most negligent of drivers may operate their vehicles while intoxicated, putting themselves and others in grave danger.

Safety Tips for Urban Driving

All drivers can take action against these negligent driving behaviors by becoming more aware of their choices and behavior on the road. This includes accounting for the numerous events that may affect traffic throughout the entire city, like UT games, ACL and the bonanza that is SXSW.

Each one of us in Austin has a commitment to drive safely because our actions on the roads can have great repercussions in the city we call home.

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