Bicycle AccidentsAre Bicycle Accident Rates Declining in Austin?

bicycle accidentAccording to data from Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, bicycle accidents have been on a steady decline in Austin over the last five years. However, some parts of the city still remain hazardous to bicyclists.

2012 was one of the most dangerous years on record for Austin bicyclists, leading the city to plan for and construct hundreds of new bike lanes across the city. Since the beginning of construction on these bike lanes in 2014, total bicycle accidents have fallen a shocking amount – almost 20 percent in the first year alone.

Where Are the Most Dangerous Streets in Austin for Bicyclists?

The streets with the highest accident and fatality rates for bicyclists in Austin are somewhat predictable: Lamar Boulevard, Guadalupe Street and Congress Avenue. Prior to the construction of the new bike lanes in 2014, every recorded bicyclist fatality happened on a street without a designated bike lane. Based on the drastic drop in accidents since the construction of the new bike lanes, the executive of Bike Austin, Mercedes Feris, believes that pushing for more robust biking infrastructure is a good way to continue this trend.

No matter where you are cycling in Austin, you should take care to minimize your potential for injury. Do not be afraid to take the lane when you have the opportunity to do so safely – doing so makes you more visible, and a lack of visibility is your worst enemy as a cyclist. Always use hand signals before turning and make sure your bike has proper lights and mirrors.

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