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On the night of Tuesday, March 5 and continuing until the following morning, Austin police arrested and charged 17 people for driving while intoxicated. This was part of a “no-refusal” initiative that coincided with Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras celebrations. The no-refusal period lasted from 9 pm Tuesday until 5 am Wednesday.

While drivers can refuse Breathalyzer tests to determine their blood alcohol content (BAC) levels, police can get warrants to take blood tests from those who refuse these breath tests. No-refusal initiatives are periods when judges remain on call in order to sign warrants that allow police to obtain blood samples from drivers they suspect of being intoxicated. On this occasion, five drivers submitted to breath tests, and police obtained blood samples from the other twelve. Another no-refusal initiative the previous Saturday resulted in 22 arrests.

No-refusal initiatives give police more authority to pull drunk drivers off the road in order to limit the risk of serious car wrecks. Everyone should know that drunk driving is extremely hazardous, so a driver who gets behind the wheel while intoxicated is knowingly placing nearby drivers and pedestrians in danger. If a drunk driver causes a wreck, that driver will face criminal punishment as well as a potential civil lawsuit from anyone who sustained injury or property damage from the collision.

What Can I Do If A Drunk Driver Injured Me?

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Did You Know: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 88 drivers under of the age of 21 died in 2012 in alcohol-related car accidents across the state.

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