Workers CompensationWoman Claims Auto Zone Fired Her After She Sustained an Injury On-the-Job

According to court documents, a Fort Bend County woman claims an auto parts store allegedly fired her after she sustained an injury at work.

The woman sued Azer Texas LLC, otherwise known as Auto Zone, in Fort Bend County District Court. The case was later transferred to the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas.

The woman was employed as a parts salesperson at Auto Zone’s Missouri City store. She stated that the business’s employees struck her, causing her to fall, and failed to assist her “after she was forced to the floor.” According to the lawsuit, the incident left the woman with serious and permanent injuries like acute sciatica and nerve damage.

She also alleges that Auto Zone failed to provide her with reasonable accommodations for her injuries as well as cut her hours. The woman asked for assistance from the Texas Workforce Commission, and shortly after her doctor cleared her to work, Auto Zone fired her.

According to the lawsuit, Auto Zone was negligent for:

  • Failing to properly trained workers
  • Failing to provide a safe work environment
  • Failing to warn of a dangerous condition
  • Failing to properly supervise its employees

Every Employee Deserves to be Treated with Respect

Whenever you are hurt on the job, your life comes to a grinding halt. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is designed to provide injured workers monetary benefits and medical treatment for job-related injuries in lieu of the employee filing a lawsuit against the employer.

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