Workers CompensationWhy Are Texas Work Injuries Documented Poorly, Or Not At All?

Many Texas work injuries that occur are documented poorly bySteel Worker employers and insurance companies. Some aren’t reported at all. As a result, no one really knows how many Texans are injured at work.

What is reported about workplace injuries is very important. Documentation can largely determine whether workers get medical care covered by insurance companies, or if they fall into a social safety net, relying on government aid to recover and support themselves.

The agency said that less than 40 percent of eligible workers even file workers’ compensation claims.

Why are Fewer Residents Reporting Texas Work Injuries?

The state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation said in its report to the Legislature last year that Texas workers are filing far fewer claims than they once did — a 31 percent decrease over the past decade.

The report offered many possible explanations for the decline, including more safety awareness in the workplace, ramped up watchdog efforts from state regulators and new, safer technology.

Injuries may go unreported for a number of reasons, analysts say: workers in grueling jobs like trucking or construction may simply fail to notify their employers. This may be because they feel as though they can push through the injury to not miss a much-needed paycheck, or because they fear being fired if they took time off.

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation advises that employees always report an injury to their employer.

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