Car AccidentsWhat is the ‘Share the Road’ Campaign?

Are you beginning to notice an increased number of motorcyclists on Central Texas roads? As the weather warms up, more people will be taking their motorcycles out to ride in the Austin-area. Photo of motorcycle accident

With this in mind, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, as honored by the Texas Department of Transportation through its ‘Share the Road’ campaign. Sadly, last year, 455 people died in motorcycle crashes on Texas roadways. Additionally, since the beginning of 2015, KXAN-TV reported that it has covered seven different fatal motorcycle accidents in the Austin-area.

According to TxDOT, the ‘Share the Road’ campaign is designed to make drivers aware that there are more motorcyclists on roadways. Motorcyclists are being asked to share their stories with the agency so that it can relay them to drivers through social media and local advertising.

“In a majority of motorcycle crashes [that] we see, the drivers say, ‘I just didn’t see them,’ so we are really encouraging people to look twice,” said TxDOT representative Mark Cross, according to KXAN. To read more about the campaign, you can visit the agency’s website by clicking here.

According to TxDOT, over the last five years, 2,354 motorcyclists have been killed in Texas. In previous blogs, we have discussed the high risks for death and injuries among motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are not offered the same physical protections of a passenger in a motor vehicle, so it is important that other drivers avoid bad habits like distracted, drunk and/or reckless driving that could lead to an accident.

Should I Call an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be distressing and life-changing events. Family members of those who have been killed may want to speak to an attorney about their loved one’s crash. An attorney who specializes in Austin injury litigation can investigate your case and determine if you may be entitled to damages. Additionally, a lawyer can help you recover evidence that may be important in any claim.

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