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Our Austin Injury Lawyer Understands the Dangers of Driving While Intoxicated

Recently, a university student was charged with two counts of intoxicated manslaughter for a fatal car accident in Austin, Texas. The student was driving at least 80 miles per hour when he hit another car from behind. This force pushed the vehicle into a head on, multi-car auto accident. The student fled the scene, but police officers caught up with him and tested his blood alcohol content (BAC) level at 0.27 percent, which is significantly above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

This incident is not a rarity – 40 percent of college students say they have been in a car with a drunk driver, and more than 1,400 college students die every year in alcohol-related events. College students drinking and driving causes numerous accidents and wrongful deaths. However, are there any preventative actions that can help deter college students from drinking and driving?

How to Limit College Students from Drunk Driving

Although no measure is likely to eliminate instances of college-age intoxicated driving, individuals and organizations can take actions to minimize the risk of college students drinking and injuring themselves or others in serious drunk driving accidents. The following strategies mean to alter both the environment and mindset around which college students typically drink and effectively address unrestrained alcohol use:

  • Enforcing alcohol laws and policies – By enforcing underage drinking laws, stopping students with fake IDs, limiting the serving of alcohol in and around college campuses and maintaining a stricter campus security force, colleges and communities can cut down on the amount of alcohol college students consume. Those interested in limiting college-age drinking may be able to work with managers of student housing complexes off campus to create stricter security measures and limit heavy drinking.
  • Promote alcohol-free events – Numerous colleges host alcohol-free events that give students activities which do not involve drinking. Many of these events involve music, food, organized sports and other recreational entertainment for students to participate in and enjoy without indulging in alcohol.
  • Let students know that alcohol abuse is not the norm – Some universities experience success by engaging in marketing campaigns that inform students about the consequences of heavy drinking as well as drinking and driving. The campaigns emphasize how making these choices are not necessary or even normal aspects of college life. Colleges and communities can teach students to be alert for the signs of intoxication, which can help them be aware of risky situations and make choices to prevent individuals from driving while under the influence.

These are only a small sample of methods that can help limit instances of serious drunk driving accidents and other severe injuries caused by intoxicated college students. Many other methods have proven successful in other college communities as well.

I Was Injured by a Drunk Driver – What Can I do?

The Austin injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Aaron Allison want everyone to stay sober and be safe while driving, but we know that numerous people suffer injuries and wrongful deaths due to drunk drivers every year. Our Austin injury attorney offers knowledge and experience in litigation to aid those harmed in drunk driving accidents. For free attorney advice about a car crash and other personal injuries, call our office today.

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